Fed up with waiting for concrete to dry and want an efficient, time-saving alternative?

EV Blocks are innovative concrete charging bases with a universal adaptor plate. This means they come ready to install, saving you time and money.

The modern alternative to EV charger installations

Traditional EV charging bases and plinths must be custom cast on site, with the shuttering becoming a waste product when complete. They can take up to four days to cure, can’t be installed in bad weather, and need the charging point to have already been selected.

Plus, if you need to change charging points, you may have to take the entire base out and start again.

Our EV charging bases are revolutionising the installation process, one foundation at a time.

EV base wet pour concrete
Wet pour EV charging base

Easy to install, and futureproofed for your convenience
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Light, strong and hard-wearing, EV Blocks are built to last and flex to the infrastructure you already have in place.

The universal charging adaptor plate makes changing or upgrading your EV charging point easy. Just replace the adaptor plate, change the charger, and you’re ready to go. 

No money spent replacing the base, and no disruption to your customers. The perfect option for facilities managers and estates managers looking for simplicity and convenience.

EV charging charging base
EV Blocks Pre cast Comparison

Choose your perfect EV charging foundation base

We offer several sizes of universal EV charging foundations, including a mini block for when space is at a premium. These foundations fit almost all EV chargers currently on the UK and international market.

With EV Blocks, you get a uniform and consistent high-quality finish every time.

Buy online or from our national network of suppliers and wholesalers.

Why choose EV Blocks?

Ready to install – no need to pour concrete or wait for your EV chargers to arrive. The quick and convenient choice

Completely universal – can be used with nearly all makes and models of EV chargers

Uniform design – a high-quality finish for your EV installation project

Easy to replace your EV charger – swap your charger, and you’re set

Hard-wearing and weather-resistant – guaranteed years of use

Future-Proof your project and make your site EV ready

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