Nine simple steps to install your universal EV charger foundation

With its universal adaptor plate, EV Blocks make electric vehicle charging point installation easier than ever.

The streamlined 9-step installation process quickly delivers superior foundations for your electric car charging station. You can install EV Blocks in any weather, meaning you never have to worry about picking the right moment.

Using EV Blocks saves you time, money and hassle while also improving the stability, durability and flexibility of your EV charging point.

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The benefits of installing a universal EV charger foundation

As a universal EV charger foundation, the EV Block can accommodate a huge variety of EV chargers currently available on the US market. That means you can complete the groundwork for your EV charging station even before you decide which electric car charger to invest in. This allows any forward-thinking business to take a flexible approach by avoiding disruptions and future proofing their installations.

Our EV charger foundation is a sustainable, reliable and 100% recyclable solution that adds value through versatility. It gives you significantly more choice without forcing you to compromise on quality. As a result, you can provide an exceptional service to electric vehicle drivers with minimal delays.

If you’d like to discuss EV charging point installation, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.