EV Charging Point Installation – Challenges & Solutions


There are several challenges and areas for improvement within the installation of EV charging block foundations. One such area for improvement is the time it takes to complete freestanding EV charging point installations. Cutting this time down to just one day would be highly beneficial for construction and redevelopment projects, reducing project time and resource pressures. 


EV Charging Foundation Base Process

There are currently two main ways of installing EV charging foundations – the most common is free pour concrete, but the modern, and more efficient way is to use pre-cast bases to reduce cost and time.


Wet Pour Concrete – Casting An EV Plinth In Situ

The prevalence of free pour concrete for EV charging base installation makes a quick turnaround difficult to achieve and consistent timelines a challenge.


This methodology is problematic for electrical and for groundworks contractors as it takes time for the concrete to dry before the installation can be completed. This can often take around four days, and since the way concrete sets can often be unpredictable, some foundations may have to be repoured before the charge point is ready to go live.


Longer timeframes and multiple site visits are expensive and make it harder to resource and complete jobs in line with aggressive budgets/timelines. More site visits than are necessary also causes more CO2 emissions from the extra transport.


This is all exacerbated during winter when this drying time can become difficult to predict due to the cold/freezing conditions.


Our EV Charging Point Installation Solution

The completion of freestanding EV charging point installations within one day is possible, but it does require a move away from the use of free pour concrete for the foundations.


We created a solution for this whilst installing EV chargers within our own electrical contracting business – we developed a proprietary pre-cast concrete base with a uniform structure and finish. That way, concrete is pre poured and set in predictable conditions, so that the finished block can simply be taken to the installation site and dropped in with ease.


These are designed to be lightweight with a universal adapter plate which suits a variety of different EV chargers on the market, meaning that you can install your EV charging point without even knowing which electric vehicle you are opting for yet. 


Pre-Cast EV Foundation Installation

To get the quickest, most consistent, and carbon efficient results, the process should be simple. At EV Blocks, our process has two stages:



Step 1 of an EV Block InstallationStep 2 of an EV Block InstallationStep 3 of an EV Block Installation

The Benefits Of A Pre Cast Foundation

A pre-cast solution adds consistency and predictability to EV installation projects that isn’t as present with wet pour methods.


The quality and finish of the blocks is simple but uniform, and the lower risk of delays and quality issues makes one day installations achievable.


The pre-cast solution is also hollow, reducing its carbon footprint (by lowering the amount of concrete used), when compared to the free pouring method. This helps installers align their processes to the industry’s image and goals; electric vehicles were popularised with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, so the installation of their charging points should reduce emissions too.

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