About EV Blocks

With the UK Government’s target of banning the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035, the need for electric vehicle charging stations is set to rise dramatically.The current problem is that not only are commercial electric charging points costly and time consuming, customers face major disruption during the installation process; holes have to be dug, cement made, poured and left to dry and then stations installed. There’s also the added disruption caused by EV charging manufacturers changing fixing arrangements from one model to another.

It was from these problems that EV Blocks were designed. By having a universal adaptor plate (Patent pending) for the blocks, installation of electric vehicle charging stations and changing charging points are made much simpler because:

  • The universal plate technology allows for projects to commence before chargers have been specified or even selected. This also means that blocks can be installed for futureproofing installations at civil works stage
  • This engineered solution ensures a uniform finish every time
  • The blocks can be installed in any weather conditions, thus reducing time and lost productivity
  • The uniform size and finish can be used with 50mm, 100mm and 150mm cable ducting and allows for a change of direction at each block if required, the blocks can also be used for cable pulling access
  • EV Blocks also make changing charging stations much simpler, because it doesn’t involve re-working foundations, it’s just a case of replacing the adaptor plate and changing the charger
  • The blocks are suitable for local earthing with an earth rod within the block, or with an open PEN device


EV Blocks are made in Britain and are a 100% recyclable, a pre-cast solution to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging point infrastructure before 2035.

Trevor Palmer

Having installed over 400 EV chargers in and around the UK, my team at PB Solutions came across several challenges when installing pedestal mounted EV charging points. EV Blocks provides the perfect solution for multiple different manufactures pedestal mounted EV chargers.

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