EV Blocks: precast foundations for simple and futureproofed EV charging

With more people using electric vehicles than ever before, an EV charging station is an effective investment for your business or commercial property.

However, the traditional installation process is far from efficient. Holes need to be dug, wet-pour concrete needs to dry, and the entire infrastructure has to be removed if the charging point needs to be replaced.

This can cause unnecessary expenses and a lot of disruption, as well as frustrated customers.

The EV Block revolutionises the installation of EV charging points. A precast concrete foundation with a universal adaptor plate, EV Blocks make the installation process fast and simple.

Plus, the universal adaptor plate makes updating charging stations easy. Just replace the adaptor plate, change the charger and the job is done. No re-working foundations, expensive civil works, or chipping away concrete.

With our innovative precast base, you’re one step away from having a uniform, reliable, and fully future-proofed EV charging infrastructure system.

Trevor Palmer

Trevor Palmer installed several hundred EV chargers across the UK while running his electrical company. As a result, he directly saw the issues that businesses had with digging holes, pouring cement to create plinths, and changing fixing arrangements.

Wanting to make life easier for his customers, Trevor designed and manufactured a precast base that could speed up the installation process – the EV Block.

EV Blocks - Trevor Palmer on LinkedIn


The innovative EV Blocks system

Manufactured in the UK & in the USA, EV Blocks are made of concrete, making them light, strong, and hard-wearing. This also makes them completely recyclable too, the perfect option for sustainable businesses across the country.

With four side openings for ducting installation, these flexible blocks work around your specific installation needs, not the other way around.

The universal plate means EV Blocks work with almost all brands and models of EV charging points and makes it easy to change or upgrade your system.

Our precast foundations come in several different sizes, including a mini version for when space is limited, but you don’t want to compromise on quality. This means you get a uniform and consistent finish each and every time, even if you use a different installation team.

EV Blocks are a 100% recyclable, a pre-cast solution to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging point infrastructure before 2035

Installation in 9 Easy steps

EV Blocks are ready for installation as soon as they arrive. No shuttering or curing time required, and no need to wait for sunny weather!

The precast foundations can be installed ahead of time. This means you can set them in place and install the relevant below-ground infrastructure even before you’ve chosen a charging manufacturer. 

EV Blocks ensure your installation project runs on time without any complications. 

See how simple it is to install our precast base

Simplify your EV infrastructure today

Whether you need to install one EV charging point or one hundred, EV Blocks give you complete control over the installation process.

EV Blocks don’t just save you time and money, but mean you don’t have to reinstall or revaluate your infrastructure in the future.

We’re the precast foundation provider of choice for facilities managers, estate managers, and property coordinators across the UK.

EV Blocks are available from electrical wholesalers and builders merchants across the UK. Alternatively, you can order your precast bases online, with next-day delivery available.

Got any questions about EV Blocks or want to know more? Our friendly team is here to help. Fill in the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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