EV Block Installation

Step 1

Excavate area where the EV block will be installed and run in ductwork

Step 2

Install block by lowering it into the prepared excavation

Step 3

Prepare Plate for EV charger pole

Step 4

Drill fixing holes

Step 5

Fit pole to adaptor plate

Step 6

Install charger cables

Step 7

Fix down adaptor plate via the pre-threaded bolt holes within the EV Block

Step 8

Fit Charger

Step 9


How we came up with the idea for EV Blocks

When we first started installing electric car charging points, we were using traditional methods such as wooden shuttering and wet board concrete.

Some of the challenges involved with this method include high temperatures in the summer months and adverse weather conditions like rain or snow. Low temperatures in the winter can also lead to increased curing times, slowing the installation process down. These concrete bases can also be damaged by wildlife coming onto site overnight, such as birds and foxes, and a uniform size & finish isn’t always guaranteed, due to the bases being prepared by different people and multiple contractors.

Finally, at the end of the process, the shuttering becomes a waste product.

So how do the EV Blocks work?

Entires on all four sides of the EV Block allow for 2-, 4-, and 6-inch ducting; this layout is exceptionally useful when there’s a change of direction involved. The block’s universal adapter plate can be removed when putting in cables, while the central cavity can be used for putting in earth rods during the installation process, negating the need for a separate pit.

To future-proof installation, EV Blocks can be installed prior to selecting an EV charger. All EV Blocks come with a universal adapter plate to make that next step as simple as possible.

How long will my EV Block last?

As technology evolves, chargers change. Our universal adapter plate can be replaced to accept a new charger for years to come, without the need to instruct a civils contractor.

EV Blocks – engineered to save you time and money.


Our innovative design can be used with ducting up to 150mm and allows for change of direction at each block where required.


Our universal fitting enables projects to be started before the charger has been specified or selected. The blocks can also be installed for futureproofing installations at civil works stage.


Our engineered solution ensures a uniform finish every time. The blocks can be installed in any weather conditions, reducing time and lost productivity.


Suitable for local earthing with an earth rod within the block or with an open PEN device.

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